Auto Accidents

At Perantinides & Nolan in Akron, Ohio our auto accident attorneys are experienced in every phase of personal injury law, including car accidents, drunk drivers, uninsured motorists, and more.

To err may well be human, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to pay for the negligent or wrongful actions of another. Whether an accident occurs due to failure to stop, failure to yield, texting while driving, road rage, failure to pay attention, we believe that the party responsible for causing the accident should be held accountable.

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Here are a few samples of Auto Accident Cases we have successfully resolved

  • A 40-year old pedestrian was struck while walking in a crosswalk resulting in a fracture of a bone in the foot.  A six figure policy limits settlement was achieved.
  • A nineteen year old boy was struck in the rear by a hit-skip driver.  The boy suffered brain injury and permanent physical handicaps as a result.  A policy limits seven figure settlement was achieved.  
  • A 58-year old female was involved in a motor vehicle accident, which resulted in lower back injuries and aggravation of a pre-existing back condition that had required 2 prior surgeries.  Accident victim underwent extensive physical therapy without success. After work up by her physicians, it was determined that she suffered from a herniated disc in the lumbar spine.  The defense maintained that the accident had nothing to do with her back condition and that her need for another surgery was not related.   After extensive litigation and discovery, a substantial settlement was reached.
  • A 72-year old male was making deliveries early in the morning while it had been raining. A motorist passed the pedestrian, striking him, and causing serious lower extremity injuries.  A settlement was reached.
  • A telephone wire technician was working overhead in a bucket truck wiring traffic lights/traffic signals when a tractor-trailer drove into the bucket. The bucket disintegrated and technician fell to the ground, suffering multiple trauma and a serious lower leg injury.   Technician was transported by life flight to a major trauma center. A settlement was reached.
  • A 40-year old male parked in a vehicle on the side of the road was rear-ended by a box truck, causing multiple traumatic injuries and suffered brain injury.  Driver of box truck was found to be under the influence of an illegal substance.  Accident victim was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple fractures and a brain bleed. After a long recovery, he developed cognitive deficits, memory loss and personality changes.  He lost his job and spouse filed for divorce.  Settlement was reached with the defendant.
  • The parents of a young child were killed in a car accident when a drunk driver went left of center. The drunk driver had minimal insurance.  An uninsured and underinsured claim was pursued and a claim was also submitted to the victim of crimes compensation fund. The case was resolved.
  • A 45-year old male involved in a tractor-trailer accident, sustained injuries in his neck, back and shoulder.  Tractor-trailer was traveling at a high rate of speed and made an improper lane change causing the accident.  Injured party suffered herniated discs, shoulder injury, underwent several surgeries and developed a chronic pain syndrome.   A settlement was reached.
  • A 71-year old woman was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident when driver failed to yield at a stop sign, while travelling at a high rate of speed.  Wrongful death and survivorship claims were pursued against the defendant and the underinsurance carrier.  Both the wrongful death and underinsurance claims were successfully resolved.

Some Other Accident Cases We Handle Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Accidents Involving Pedestrians or Bicycles
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Tractor Trailer & Trucking Accidents
  • Uninsured Motorists (UM/UIM)
  • Accidents causing Brain Injuries

Are You an Accident Victim?

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