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We have had great success in helping suffering families and victims and reached 54 verdicts and settlements of $1,000,000 or more as of 2015.

June is National Safety Month.  One of the thing National Safety Month recognizes is staying safer on the job and in the home.  Here are a few examples of safety related cases our Akron lawfirm has handled. 

Science Experiment Explosion and Burn Injury: Two high school girls were seriously burned  during a science experiment explosion caused by the teacher.  Science teacher failed to perform experiment properly; failed to take adequate safety precautions; failed to provide safety equipment to students during the experiment;  and had not been adequately trained in conducting science experiment or in how to take adequate safety precautions. An 8-figure settlement was achieved. 


Electrocution Burn Injury:  49-year old male sustained second and third degree electrical burns when he was electrocuted by a faulty 220/240 range in his apartment.   The investigation revealed  faulty and corroded wiring in the electric stove and a refrigerator that leaked water on the floor of the kitchen.  The tenant had previously complained that the stove was not working properly and that the refrigerator was leaking water on the floor, but the landlord did not perform the necessary repairs.  Tenant went into the kitchen to get a glass of juice, when he stepped in water that had leaked onto the floor from the refrigerator and then touched the stove resulting in very serious burn injuries.  The case was resolved  for the insurance policy limits.

Chemical/Industrial Burn Injury:  A 30-year old gentleman working as an independent contractor at a steel plant fell into an unprotected tar pit, which contained caustic chemicals and hot water in excess of several hundred degrees, causing third degree burns to his leg.  Apparently, the steel grate had been removed from the tar pit and had not been properly replaced.  The tar pit was located in a dike area and was covered with very shallow water that hid the open tar pit from view.   A settlement was reached.

Gun Shot Injury:  A 7-year old boy was accompanied by his father at an outdoor equipment supply store.  Store employee was showing a gun that was loaded to another customer.  Accidentally, the gun was fired, shooting the child in the femur.  The child suffered a fractured femur, blood loss and emotional trauma.  Store had violated all safety procedures in showing a gun that was loaded in a business open to the general public. The case was successfully resolved.  

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