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Medical Malpractice Case: The Emma Mejias Story

Posted on BreakingLegalNews.com

Emma Mejias died a horrible and painful death, on her very first Christmas Eve in 2004, at the hands of 25 doctors and nurses, another victim of medical malpractice. All 25 of them systematically and willfully ordered and administered the wrong drugs for her life-threatening condition called SLOS (Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome). SLOS is a congenital abnormality, which requires treatment strategies on supplying supplemental cholesterol. Emma was given the Wrong Drug, Questran, not once, but 92 times – yes, 92 times in one month. All of the doctors and nurses knew better.  They were trained to know better. They were some of the world’s leading authorities at the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. And her doctors had the unmitigated gall to blame Emma’s death on the new resident doctors, rather than take responsibility themselves. Emma remained hospitalized at various hospitals from the date she was born to the day she died, because of the outrageous medical malpractice perpetrated on her by 25 so-called health care professionals, none of whom cared enough to give her the potentially life-saving medical treatment she desperately needed. She suffered enormous physical pain and suffering prior to her death. Today, for the very first time ever on TV, The Insider Exclusive will visit with both Jason and Adrienne Mejais and their lawyer John Hammons, Partner at Nelson & Hammons, who for 30 years has been standing up for people like Emma, a little innocent baby, who never had the chance to stand up for herself.

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