Nursing home negligence and liability insurance

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Personal Injury

It’s not an easy decision to put your parents or loved ones into a nursing home. You hope that they’re being taken care of by the nursing home staff, but that’s not the reality for many Ohio residents.

Nursing home negligence is on the rise across the United States, and so are liability insurance rates. Liability insurance protects nursing homes when residents’ families make claims of abuse or neglect.

What are the biggest allegations of neglect?

It’s not uncommon for residents to injure themselves in a fall or to develop bed sores. An unexplained fall, bed sores, or sudden sharp decline in health can be a sign of nursing home neglect or worse, abuse.

However, falls do happen even under the best circumstances. And as staffing continues to be an issue for nursing homes, it’s hard to monitor every resident the way they might need.

Many nursing homes will get liability insurance that covers falls because it’s a common injury among older residents. This is especially true for residents who are suffering from dementia.

Common neglect allegations for nursing homes

Other nursing home allegations usually fall under improper care or failure to monitor. Examples of incidents that would fall under these categories would be medication errors or bed sores.

If a nurse or staff member fails to follow care instructions, that might also count as failure to monitor or improper care. Most incidences could be considered mistakes or accidents, but it becomes troubling for residents’ families when it’s a common problem and could count as neglect.