What are the most common causes of T-bone accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

T-bone accidents rank as one of the most dangerous types of collisions. Ohio residents can suffer catastrophic injuries from them because passenger vehicles aren’t as durable on their sides compared with their front and rear.

Understanding T-bone accidents

A T-bone accident is a motor vehicle crash that occurs when one car strikes another on the driver’s or passenger’s side. These collisions can have devastating consequences and even total the vehicles involved. The reason they are called “T-bone” is because the cars form a T shape when they collide with one another.

Common causes of T-bone accidents

Unfortunately, although many T-bone accidents are avoidable, they still happen and leave severely victims injured or even killed. One of the most common causes of such collisions is distracted driving. A driver might be checking their cell phone, eating, engaged in conversation or even daydreaming and slam into another vehicle’s side.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a major cause of T-bone accidents. If the driver is intoxicated or even somewhat buzzed, their ability to control the vehicle and use good judgment is significantly impaired.

Speeding or reckless driving while ignoring traffic signs and signals and failing to yield the right of way can also lead to a T-bone accident. Poor weather conditions such as rain or snow can cause these types of motor vehicle accidents as well; when the roads are slippery, a driver can lose control of their vehicle, slide out and crash into the side of another car.

There are many more causes of T-bone accidents beyond these. However, as a general rule, a driver who fails to yield the right of way is the one at fault.