A Helping Hand After An Anesthesia Error

An anesthesia error is an error by the anesthesiologist, doctor, CRNA or other medical provider during surgery due to too much anesthesia, too little anesthesia and any other mistake that can occur due to a mistake in anesthesia-related care.

When these mistakes happen, they can lead to devastating consequences for a patient, and we at Perantinides & Nolan, Co., L.P.A., help these victims recover the compensation they need to pay for the costs of their injuries. We do everything it takes to provide our clients now and in the future with aggressive and detailed representation to achieve the results they deserve in a swift and efficient manner.

What You Should Know About These Injuries

There are many causes and consequences of anesthesia errors, and it often takes a skilled lawyer to identify what caused your injuries and the consequences of the mistake. We have decades of experience in all manner of personal injury cases, and we know how to identify the causes of these injuries. The most common mistakes and errors when using anesthesia are:

  • Too much anesthesia
  • Too little anesthesia (anesthesia awareness)
  • Delayed or improper anesthesia administration
  • Prescription drug interactions with anesthesia
  • Failing to provide the patient with proper instructions, such as not eating or drinking prior to surgery
  • Failure to monitor a patient or administer oxygen during surgery
  • Administering anesthesia to an allergic patient
  • Defective medical devices used during sedation

These negligent causes of anesthesia errors can cause catastrophic injuries including:

No matter what cause or result of your anesthesia injuries, you can trust that we will craft a custom-tailored strategy to help make you whole after the accident.

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