Filing Medication Error Claims

The medicine we take can offer essential health benefits but can also be incredibly harmful if we take the wrong dosage, medication or combination of them. Medical professionals have a responsibility to provide us with our medication in a safe manner, and when they fail that responsibility, they should be liable for the consequences.

At Perantinides & Nolan, Co., L.P.A., we help our clients through the most challenging personal injury cases. When it comes to medication errors, we take the time to gather all of the necessary information in your unique situation to develop a custom-tailored plan to help you pursue the ideal outcome in your case.

When Is A Medical Professional Liable?

Your health is your most precious and irreplaceable asset. When you place your health in the care of medical professionals, you are essentially trusting them with your most priceless possession. In order to ensure that this trust is respected, health care providers are both legally and ethically bound to a rigorous standard of treatment that must be met every time they render their services.

The failure to meet this standard, either accidentally or willfully, constitutes medical malpractice. Our medical malpractice attorneys in Akron may be able to help your family obtain compensation for these losses and other sources of distress, suffering and emotional and financial hardship.

Let Us Represent Your Needs

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a medication error, the attorneys of Perantinides & Nolan, Co., L.P.A. in Ohio can help. Our attorneys represent clients in medication error, hospital negligence and medical malpractice cases, working with experienced and respected health care professionals in order to build the strongest case possible on your behalf.

We have extensive experience in all types of medical malpractice lawsuits and may be able to help alleviate the overwhelming pressures facing your family, including medical bills, lost wages and lost financial support. Call 330-253-5454 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.