Fair Compensation For Misdiagnosis Complications

Misdiagnosis can cause an array of health problems, stress and financial issues for patients and loved ones. Misdiagnosing any ailment can greatly reduce the survival rate of the patient and the length and quality of life. When a misdiagnosis happens, it can take a skilled attorney to hold the liable party accountable.

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What You Should Know About Misdiagnosis Cases

Despite what you may think about how accurate hospitals and their staff are when they care for clients, there are many misconceptions surrounding malpractice incidents. Some of the facts of these situations include:

  • 15% of all medical cases in developed countries are misdiagnosed, according to The American Journal of Medicine
  • Up to 44% of some types of cancer are misdiagnosed as reported by the Journal of Clinical Oncology

We put a lot of faith in our doctors when they treat us. When their actions cause a medical condition to worsen, delay the diagnosis you need or result in injuries or death, the victims deserve a fair settlement that reflects the total damages of the misdiagnosis.

The Causes Of A Misdiagnosis

There are many different circumstances that can keep a patient from an accurate diagnosis. Some types of misdiagnosis include:

  • Not collecting the necessary information from the patient to make an accurate diagnosis
  • Faulty testing equipment leading to inaccurate test results
  • Not following up with the patient
  • Not running necessary tests
  • Fragmentation of care

Each case our clients bring to us is unique, and we take the time to understand the individual factors of your situation to determine what may have caused your misdiagnosis. This way, we can build the case you deserve from your personal injury lawyer.

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