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Friday, 30 September 2011 11:42
leatt brace
As a motocross or BMX rider, the first thing you are looking for in protective gear is safety, quality and protection for your body.  What if the gear you chose actually did the opposite?  This has been the case for many professional and amateur motocross riders who have put their trust in the Leatt Brace by the Leatt Corp.  
There has been litigation involving serious and catastrophic injuries related to the use of the Leatt Brace, to include serious spine and spinal cord injuries,  leaving riders paraplegic and/or quadraplegic.  Our firm is currently investigating  such cases involving the use of the  Leatt Brace. 

If the Leatt Brace caused you or a loved one to suffer serious spinal cord injuries, parapalegia, and/or quadrapalegia from use of their product, call our Akron Attorneys today for a free consultation.  We are now handling product liability and personal injury cases involving  the brace.

motocross riderHere at Perantinides & Nolan, we are here to protect your rights and get you the proper compensation for your injuries due to use of this product.  If the Leatt Brace was not there for you in your time of need, our attorneys at Perantinides & Nolan will be.

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