For over forty-five years, the law firm of Perantinides & Nolan has been providing professional, caring, quality legal services to our clients. 

Over 45 years of honest representation and scrupulous integrity. Together, we stand as defenders of the last opportunity people have for justice.  Each of the personal injury lawyers of our law firm recognize and accept this responsibility.  Our personal injury attorneys have helped countless achieve justice and financial compensation through scrupulous, honest, and dedicated legal representation. We have had great success in helping suffering families and victims and reached 54 verdicts and settlements of $1,000,000 or more as of 2015. If you would like to schedule a free case evaluation, please contact the personal injury attorneys of Perantinides & Nolan in Akron, Ohio today.

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Each person here at Perantinides & Nolan is committed to excellence. We are a team, with the spirit and strength to stand and fight for what we believe is right.

We think each client is important and another thing we do differently from other firms, is that we work personally with you from start to finish and never send our cases away to other attorneys so that you can get to know and trust us and we can get to know you.

Committed to Excellence: Through a concerted and dedicated effort, we promote justice, advocate for causes & principals, preserve the rights of others and pursue the truth.

Perantinides & Nolan advocates the everlasting philosophy that every person, regardless of age, gender, color, creed, ethnicity, status, or circumstance in life, has certain inalienable rights and is entitled to equal justice. Our lawyers strive to compassionately and timely respond to the needs, questions, and concerns of our clients. We put ourselves into the shoes of our clients and treat others as we wish to be treated. To observe and listen without judgement – that is how we represent people.

If you find yourself in need of experienced and compassionate legal counsel, please contact the personal injury lawyers of Perantinides & Nolan today


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